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Customer instructions to replace one tassel with another on an existing fez.

A large needle or special tool is generally used to attach tassle to a new fez.

However, if a fez already has a tassel attched, it is not very difficult to replace the tassel without any special tool.
All that is necessary is a one foot length of string.
Also, something to cut the string, such as a pair of sissors, will be helpful.

Follow these instructions.

1.    From inside the fez, remove the clip from the end of the tassel cord.

2.    From the inside, tie a 12” or longer string (or heavy thread) to the end of the tassel cord.

3.    From outside, pull off the tassel out until at least 3” of the temporary string is pulled through outside.

4.    From outside, untie or cut the string to remove the existing tassel.

5.    From outside, tie the string on to the end of the new tassel.

6.    From the inside, pull the string until at least an inch of the end of the new tassel is inside the fez.

7.    From the inside, cut off the string and reattach the holding clip.

8.    From outside, pull the tassel out until the clip snugs up to the inside top of the fez.

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